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2022-01-28 00:02:19

Is it safe to use a Fumoto valve when driving under extreme conditions?

The lever-locking mechanism prevents accidental valve openings with any engine vibrations, which is a critical key of our invention and manufacturing.

For added valve security we do offer lever clips now included with every F-type valve, for those rare events of debris contact with the lever at high speeds or extreme conditions.

FOR USERS OPERATING VEHICLES IN EXTREME CONDITIONS (ie. logging, off-road, farming), we recommend installing a lever clip or metal lever lock (for T- and FG-valves) and the metal lever lock

(for F-type valves).

A lever clip/lock firmly secures the lever in the locked position at all times and prevents accidental openings in the toughest of conditions.


Please note that the metal lever clips are incompatible with the F316L and SX type valves.



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