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2022-01-28 00:02:17

My car has low ground clearance. Should I install a Fumoto valve?

 If your vehicle has low ground clearance please keep the following questions in mind.

Is the long nipple valve okay to use on a car or other vehicle with lower clearance?

Using the long nipple (N) valve on a sedan, coupe, or light truck might not be the best of ideas. We usually advise against using this and instead suggest using the short nipple or standard valves, since they have a smaller footprint.

However, if your car has a skid plate or belly pan that protects the oil pan, you can install the N valve since it will be protected by the plate.

  • Please note: the F316L is a long nipple valve


Should I use a Fumoto valve if my vehicle has been lowered?

Often, we recommend against installing Fumoto valves on lowered vehicles, mainly because of clearance issues.

However, there are a few instances in which there isn't much to worry about. 

You can install a Fumoto valve with no problem if...

  • Your car has a belly pan under the body that protects the oil pan and other parts.
  • Your oil drain port points directly to the back of the vehicle, without pointing downward.
  • Or you install an SX valve, which aligns the valve lever with the wall of the oil pan.

In general, lowered vehicles are the one scenario in which we advise you to not install. However, the above factors play key roles; the very best of those being to have a belly pan installed to protect the under-body of your car.


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