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2024-01-26 15:14:18

Do I need to use an adapter with my Fumoto valve?

Some oil pans have a recession around their drain plugs. Recessions can prevent a valve from being  installed. An adapter can be used to extend the valve body out of the recession. In order to keep the profile small with the adapter we offer the following tips:


Wide recessions:

Widely recessed oil drain ports do not require adapters. 

If the recession in your oil pan resembles the picture below please feel free to choose any valve that fits your vehicle; an adapter is not necessary. 



Narrow recessions: 

Narrowly recessed oil drain ports prevent valves from rotating and being installed. Our adapters usually work as good solutions to this issue. SX style valves are also great alternatives that can be installed without the use of an adapter. Unfortunately some narrowly recession drain ports are incompatible with Fumoto valves.


Simple recessions

  • Short Adapters (ADP)
    • Short adapter will push valves ½” away from the oil pan. In most cases this is enough to avoid a recession in an oil pan. 


  • Long Adapters (ADL)
    • We advise measuring the recession of your engine's oil drain port to see which adapter length is appropriate. Choose the short adapter if possible. Long adapters stick out twice as much from the oil pan. You can minimize the distance a valve sticks out from the oil pan and reduce the amplitude with the engine vibration by using the short adapter if it is compatible with your oil drain port.
    • Long adapters will push valves 1” away from the oil pan. When an oil drain port is severely recessed sometimes long adapters are necessary to install a valve. 


  • SX Valves
    • SX valves can help you avoid using adapters. The SX can rotate 360° which allows orientation to achieve a smaller profile and maximum protection. The unique through bolt design can be tightened independent of the valve body allowing for a simple installation that easily avoids obstructions. Some oil pans can only use SX valves.



Severe recessions/ obstructions

Some oil pans have severe recessions. In some cases valves are unable to be installed even with the help of an adapter. 

  • U-shaped recessions with Low Ground Clearance :
    • Some oil pans require an SX valve and an adapter. If the SX valve can only be positioned facing straight down use an ADP (½” extension) adapter to change the position the valve is pointing. 
    • If the vehicle has low ground clearance it is especially important to make sure that the valve is not pointing straight down. 


  • Very Narrow Recessions:
    • Unfortunately there is no solution for this issue due to the lack of room to accommodate our valves. These are rare cases where the plug is significantly smaller than most stock plugs making it impossible for our valves and extension adapters to be installed. We apologize for the inconvenience.    



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