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2022-01-28 00:02:03

Which valve should I choose to attach a hose?

All Fumoto valves, with the exception of standard ones, can have a hose attached directly.

Short nipple Installation (FxxxS, FxxxSX, BxxxSX) 

Valves with short nipples can have hoses attached to them via sockets.


There are two sockets to choose from, the SH-10 (pictured above) and SL-10, which is an elbow socket.

Just push the tapered end of the socket into your hose and attach the other end to the short nipple of the valve. 

When you're finished draining your oil, disconnect the socket from the nipple of the valve, keeping the socket inside of the hose.

Long Nipple installation (FxxxN. FGxNS, TxxxNS) 

Valves with longer nipples can have hoses applied to them directly (N-Type valves). 


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